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Diamagnetic Pump

The Diamagnetic Pump exploits the repulsive character that the diamagnetic substances have when subjected to the magnetic field.Substances can be paramagnetic,ferromagnetic or diamagnetic,depending on the behavior of the substances in the presence of an externalmagnetic field.whereas the ferromagnetic items are attracted to the magnetic field the diamagnetic items are repelled as a result of the repulsion force that is created between the substance and the magnetic field generator.On the other hand,paramagnetic item stays neutral to solicitations of the field.

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The device has 3 mechanism of action:

  • Molecular implant. To obtain the substances delivery with the diamagnetic pump,the repulsive character of the diamagnetic substances is exploded
  • Moving of Body Liquids. The moving of liquids with the Diamagnetic pump happens because of a pure mechanic action. the magnetic fields which have an intensity of about 2 Tesla can douse the movement of the diamagnetic components that are exist in the tissue allowing a removal of the fluids from the area they are found
  • Endogenous stimulation. The magnetic fields variations are the different frequencies provided by Diamagnetic Pump act on the re-charging of the cell membrane potential.
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