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The evaluation of muscle strength , power and endurance of a joint plays an important role in the rehabilitation of injuries, especially in athletes.

Watch the presentation of the dynamometer

Evaluation of the athletes using the isokinetic method

Evaluation of the athletes via the isokinetic method Basketball/Football , First League
Skordis Dimitrios ,PT
Mahairas Stilianos, MD
Karakitsios Stergios, MD
Skordis Christos, MD
Pappas Dimitrios, MD

Watch the presentation of the evaluation of athletes

Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control after Complex Knee injuries

The presentation took place in PCL Study Group in Mykonos on 2008

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Therapy with Radial ESWT Combibed with Physiotherapy in the Treatment

The presentation took place in the conference of ISMST in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil in 2006

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Rehabilitation of Anterior cruciate ligament with synthetic graft

The presentation took place in 8th Arthroscopy Surgery Congress in Neijing in 2004

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