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Burst Mode

The used frequency is 50-100 Hz and the bursts are 2-4/sec. With this kind of current, we achieve strong muscle contraction with low intensity. The duration of the pulse is between 50-100 pps and the range is from 70-100 μ sec.

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High frequency

They give a feeling of “needling”, without having any movement response. They are applied for 30’ and the duration of the pulse is huge (60 to 150) and between 60-80 pulses/sec. The range of the pulse must be under 200 msec (usually 60 msec). The intensity must be sensible but not disturbing and there should not be any muscle contraction. There is another application by raising the duration of the pulse with the result of a little movement.

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Low frequency

The control of the pain comes from the use of this kind of current due to the activation of the endorphines. We have stimulation kai movement response because of the activation of bigger nervous tissues. The decrease of the pain is presented after 20-30’ after and it lasts for 4 hours. The duration of the pulse is between 1-5 pulses/sec and it’s less than 10 pps. In order to have muscle contraction, we use ranges of pulse between 200-300 μsec and the intensity is purposed to have good rhythmical contraction. In acute situations, we begin the therapy with high frequency currents which are alternated with low frequency currents.

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RSQ is an electric-stimulated device which activates the nervous system via different electrical currents. It is designed in order to used during an exercise, to contract and relax the muscles with the purpose of injury prevention, better rehabilitation and the fast return into any activity. It gives:

  • Muscle strengthening/hypertrophy
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Inclination of range of motion
  • Fast rehabilitation after knee surgery
  • Improvement of pain

The Compex Pro – WIRELESS 4CH STANDARD is a wireless electrical-stimulated devise, designed to give specific parameters of electrotherapy with 4 channels and 2 controls so the therapist can manage multiple applications simultaneously. Furing the electric stimulation, the patient performes muscles contractions while the therapist controls the intensity of the current manually. In this way, it provides better muscle activation in thw applicated area. Also, it can be used fot pain control or activation of neural tissues.

Micro currents System ALGONIX

On many pain and trauma patients the treatment with bioelectrical stimulation can achieve superior results than conventional therapies. The Algonix system for pain and rehabilitation therapy analyses the biolelectrical condition of the treated tissue areas and by means of a biocybernetic process conducts pain and trauma therapy.Detection and stimulation are carried out non-invasive and pain free.

"Deep behind the objects,something must be concealed" said Albert Einstein when he played with the compass given to him by his father.The occurrence of pain is not a linear-causal model as it was assumed in the past centuries but a complex,multifactorial and bidirectional event.The impulse information is changed and modulated several times from the receptor to the brain.Pain is created through the dysbalance between pain enhancing and pain inhibition mechanism of the body.The mechanisms are regulated locally through tissue mediators,which in turn are controlled and regulated through systemic control mechanisms.Complex living organisms consist of an information network in which all cells are interconnected.each cell adapts its own activity to the activity of all other cells in order to create a functioning whole.

An optimum pain therapy ideally works on a cellular level as well as through the information network. In order to address the douse of pain on a cellular level biostimulation or bioelectrotherapy can be used.Through the additionally created ion exchange on the cell membrane the organism receives a stimulus to self-regulate.For example through depolarization (discharge) and depolarization (charge) muscles are contracted and relaxed and information about neurons is transmitted.This positive therapeutic affect was demonstrated in a study 1982 by Cheng et al.

Electrotherapy image Electrotherapy image
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