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Functional movement screen (F.M.S.)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a tool for evaluating the fundamental movements of individuals in a practical and dynamic way. The aims of the FMS include: (1) assessing stability and mobility, (2) identifying any body asymmetries, and (3) identifying overall deficits / problems in motion that may predispose an otherwise healthy individual injuries during the activity.

The FMS includes the following seven exercises:

In line lunge

Rotary stability

Hurdle step

Active straight leg raise

Trunk stability push-up

Deep squat

Shoulder mobility

Functional movement screen (F.M.S.) image

During the exercises, both sides of the body are evaluated to detect asymmetries and imbalances. The cut-off point is usually set to ≤14, therefore, it is considered that subjects receiving a score of less than or equal to 14 exhibited motion dysfunction which may be associated with a higher risk of injury. For these categories, the goal is to address these dysfunctions by empowering / restoring to reduce the risk of injury.

Functional movement screen (F.M.S.) image

Functional movement screen (F.M.S.) image

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