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MyotonPRO device provides a unique, reliable, accurate and sensitive way for the objective and non-invasive digital palpation of superficial skeletal muscles. Moreover, it enables measurement not only of muscles, but also tendons, ligaments, even skin and other soft biological tissues. Therefore, Myoton Technology may become a Gold Standard in soft tissue assessment as an everyday diagnostic and monitoring device in medical practice.

The method of measurement consists of recording damped natural oscillation of soft biological tissue in the form of an acceleration signal and the subsequent simultaneous computation of the parameters of State of Tension, Biomechanical and Viscoelastic properties. Damped natural oscillation is induced by an exterior, low force quick-release mechanical impulse under constant pre-load.

Myoton parameters describe a tissue from five aspects via different characteristics. In order to provide new knowledge and greater scientific value, Myoton encourages researchers to analyse all five parameters for sensitivity and responsiveness.

Tone, Stiffness, Elasticity, Creep, Relaxarion

The application of this device technology provides invaluable information on the condition of the muscles in various fields of medicine and sports. This set of information allows objective evaluation of the effectiveness of various factors such as sport, exercise, symmetry, injuries or aging. The technology offered by the myoton machine can help detect muscle disease at an early stage, so that a more effective treatment can be provided.

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