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The device enables the photogrammetric recording of the back with the procedure of video grid stereography.The output data provide a precise three-dimensional model of the back surface. a significant attribute of the system it its ability the shape of the back.This ability was developed especially for this application.taking anatomical and biomechanical model assumptions into account anatomical fixing points,various spinal curves(such as the spinal centerline and the rotation curve=axial vertebral rotation) as well as derived form parameters are calculated. the reliability of the results of the back shape analysis was determined through a comprehensive comparison with approx. 500 digitalized objectively and numerically analyzed x-ray images.The Formetric device is in routine clinical use and can utilized in the following inquiries

  • Determination and correction of shortened leg length in the presence of a tilted pelvis
  • Improved diagnostic options in skoliosis and kyphosis by completing x-ray data
  • Assessing the mobility of the spine with function images and determination of suitable movement therapy
  • Determination of suitable therapeutic measures in spine deformity
  • Checking the effect of orthotic treatment on patients
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